Estonian Farmers’ Federation is an Estonian umbrella organization that unites farmers’ associations, rural economic societies and associations and central cooperatives. 

Estonian Farmers’ Federation was founded in 1989.  The main goal of  Estonian Farmers’ Federation is to represent farms and rural businesses and to protect their interests. Estonian Farmers’ Federation offers replacemnet service for farmers. The purpose of the replacement service is to replace livestock farmers in case of their illness, holiday or child’s illness, and to provide high-quality and quickly available services to farms in all Estonian counties.

Estonian Farmers’ Federation has also 2 projects – Ehtne Talutoit (Genuine Farm Food) and Agroturism. 

„Ehtne Talutoit“ brand was created by Estonian Farmers’ Federation in 2014 and this sign stands for natural, fresh and delicious food. We have 60 farm food producers in Estonia who have this sign on their products.


Agroturism is a combination of agricultural production and tourism, which offers the opportunity to visit farms or other agricultural enterprises, experience rural ways of life and get involved in everyday farm work. Agrotourism services can only be provided by a company whose main activity is the production of various agricultural or fishery products. At the moment we have about 36 farms who are offering agroturism services.